Continual Communication

Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics is able to offer maximum visibility to our customers' supply chain, thanks to our extensive commitment to leading-edge technology – facilitating accurate information to review and develop continuous improvement strategies.

Best in Class Systems

  • ERP System – SAP
  • TMS system – MercuryGate/Centerline, fully EDI enabled, dispatch system that incorporates AR and AP
  • Descartes – implemented routing optimization tool that is used for planning or implemented as a dynamic routing tool.
  • Peoplenet – lead GPS/On Board Computer (OBC): used to track and trace loads; equipment and driver information in real time. Many options are available with this system, including ring fencing delivery point with auto notifications as well as a Customer Portal for direct access to load information.
  • Turnpike OBC System – used when a simple post trip audit is required.
  • DART – Implemented handheld technology that enables an accurate scan of on- and off-load information in real time. Our customer barcodes of up to 42 characters are scanned for accurate load information. This system also works very well to track, pallet, rack and cage control. We currently track over 2000 cages within multiple OEM asset management programs.


Our systems facilitate implementing initiatives that directly benefit our clients.

  • Building accuracy and route audit
  • Reduced miles
  • Improved fuel consumptions
  • Visability-Identify areas of improvement
Dedicated Logistics scan every cage (on and off the dedicated delivery truck). We know what truck our order is on and where every order is on route or that it was delivered to the right location.