Optimal Cost Savings

The Dedicated Logistics team performs continual cost-savings analyses to best ensure optimal efficiencies are being reached throughout the transportation process. We pass on the savings and maximize the value proposition. Benefits of partnering with Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics start with:

  • Equipment Efficiencies
  • Driver Productivity
  • Fuel Management
  • Reduction of Resources

..and lead to real results.

How can we help you save money and realize continued success?

  • Dedicated Implementation Team Ensuring a Seamless Transition
  • Local Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Ongoing Cost Out Program
  • Continuous Service Improvement and Cost Reduction Initiatives
  • Hours and Dollars Saved Through Route Optimization
  • Quality of Equipment and Drivers
  • Shared Technology Benefits


Optimizing your transportation footprint is about more than shared values and vision. It’s a movement by like-minded individuals who take a personal interest in leaving an impact and increasing your efficiencies through the development and implementation of solutions-based results.

  • Over 800 employees
  • 600+ Dedicated Power Equipment
  • 1,400 Trailers
  • Contract-Based Business Model
What we value most about Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics is their overall stability and financial strength; their national reach, Canadian ownership, proactive communications directly with our dealers and the integrity of their people.